Fujitsu u772

Fujitsu Malaysia needs a landing page for their new product launch Fujitsu U772 and they want it very edgy and attractive.

Maybank eVibes

Maybank eVibes is targeted to the young generation and they need a hip but functional website so a one-page website suits the project.

Maybank Guess The Goal

Maybank wants to create an online game exclusive for their cardmembers. Members can predict the scores of Manchester United...

Maybank Manchester United Platinum Visa Credit Card

I invested a lot of effort and time on this site, I even worked from 830am to 3am straight.

Maybank Manchester United Platinum Visa Debit Card

Maybank is partnering with Manchester United to create a debit card with lots of privileges. They need a microsite for the card and let the users apply easily.

Wedding site of Bambi and Kylie

This is my awesome wedding site. It took me months to learn illustration, calligraphy, CSS3 scripting, animations, and lots of jQuery programming.

Custom Wordpress Blog of

his is a personal travel blog of my wife, Kylie, and me. We had our first blog 4 years ago and it kept on evolving depending on our needs.

Singapore Memory Project

Singapore Memory Project wants to create an engaging site that lets people share their own memories. They want to have character illustrations for 7 types...

Character Illustrations for a Love Story

These illustrations are part of our wedding site which summarizes how me and Kylie fell in love with each other.

Hand Drawn Typography and Calligraphy for BambiandKylie

Custom and hand drawn calligraphy and typography for our wedding site and RSVP site. I studied these two new skills just for this project...

ITShow2014 Singapore

ITShow2014 is one of the events organised by Exhibits Inc. (a subsidiary of Singapore Press Holdings) and it is one of the largest...


COMEX2014 is Singapore's biggest IT & consumer electronics exhibition and it is one of the events organised by Exhibits Inc.


BuildTechYangon2014 is Myanmar's 1st building technology industry and supply event organised by SPHERE Exhibits

Random Illustrations Part I

My friend Jia He gave me a Wacom Tablet for my birthday and here are the results during my first week owning it.

Random Calligraphy Part I

Calligraphy is an amazing typography art which needs a lot of patience. You need to master the right pressure, graceful strokes, and correct angle.

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